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Thank you so much!

I'm a few days late, but it doesn't make the flash less interesting! I found it quite funny and I had been wondering what the theme would be... It's awesome! Also, it's pretty cool how I literally ROCKED NYC =P

Thanks for this flash Bahamut, and I hope I'll be able to make you a flash as well, and in time!

Murray responds:

Yay, you're back! <3

A classic.

I'm surprised I hadn't reviewed this one yet... The single most controversial flash on Newgrounds. I've enjoyed this flash movie a lot over the times it has been here, and I will continue to do so, undoubtedly. Its graphical simplicity is a pleasing to the eye, and the silence that accompanies it only emphasis the overwhelming marvelousness.

Graphics - 10 - A red Times New Roman capital B. Estimated size: 3 cm height, 2.5 cm width. Relative position (h/v): 0.37/0.4. These measures stroke with the golden ratio like no other work ever did, and is therefor the single most enjoyable graphical work ever produced.
Style - 10 - B.
Sound - 10 - Only a silence as perfect as the one in this movie is worthy of being included in it.
Violence - 10 - Just a bare eyed look at this work matches a triple rape of about 35 minutes.
Interactivity - 10 - Have fun with your B.
Humor - 10 - I lol'd.

I will now proceed and look at this masterpiece some more. You get a 5/5 and a 10/10.

Fuck this shit.

This is, without doubt the greatest, most action packed, and funniest sprite movie I have ever seen. And trust me, I have seen many. It combined everyone's favourite heroes, with the cute Yoshis and those umh... Axem dudes or what are they :P

Graphics: 10
Sprites. Nice... This movie's sprites. AWESOME. I have never seen a movie with as many sprites as this one had. Mario and Luigi really had TONS of positions and moves, there were a bunch of different explosions, and so many characters!
Another stunning element were the "3D" parts where the cam turns around the scene. I couldn't have done it better.
Style: 10
SO. MUCH. ACTION!! This was better than a real Dragon Ball Z episode. DBZ isn't actually good, but this sure was ;)
Everything was included: the fights, the worrying cutscenes, the search for the Chaos Emeralds, everything. By the way, good mix between story and action, this is exactly the way I like it.
Sound: 10
I didn't really pay special attention to the sound FX, but I though there were more than enough. Maybe you used only 3, as I said I didn't really listen for that. I COULD watch it again. But I won't do it now. Don't take this bad, but the movie was SO long :P How long is it exactly? 15 minutes? 20? But that doesn't matter now, I'll just watch it again tomorrow then...
The music was awesome, too. It supported the fighting well, thanks to its epic, fast style. Also, nice use of looping!
Nothing special to say about the voices. They were very good, and funny. That's it :P
Violence: 10
I'm not going to say a lot about this part. There was more violence than I've seen in a whole month. I'm not a great fan of violence, actually, but this is a special violence. I don't find it violent. I don't know why. Oh well...
Interactivity: 8
Can't actually blame you for not making it more interactive than the space bar. After all, it's a movie and not a game. You get an 8!
Humor: 10
Oh, shit. I mean, in my pants. Some of the dialogues were EXTREMELY funny. The Luigi-Mario interaction was great too. I can't remember too much for the moment, I'm still stunned by the awesomeness of the movie...

Possible improvements:
MAYBE one. I didn't like the square you put on top of the ?-block Mario stood one when the cam turned around. It was too... drawn.
I'm serious, this is the ONLY thing I found you can improve.

Final Judgement: This goes straight to my favourites. Advice: get yourself a job in the cartoon business. You're gonna get rich. Maybe. I don't know. I have to... I... Excuse me. I think...



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I loved the music!

hahaha just kidding man, the game was awesome. angry face is pretty cool, also I killed you


aNtHr4x responds:

Hey, thanks!
yeh, also love your: "Super Mario Harcore"!

An awesome game!

This game is one of my favorite time-killers. Whenever I am bored the odds I'll play this game increase and when I finally think of it, I always feel good just because I know I am going to play it! But enough about me, on to the game itself...

The concept isn't new. Actually, this game starts from the very base of defense games, and then extends it to a complex system of combos and chains. That is something I really like about the game: you and the enemies start off weak, but throughout the game you will have to play smartly to stand a chance against the numberless waves of enemies!

The idea of combos is new to me, and makes the game even more interesting by forcing you to make decisions about which combo you'll build up next. And then, when you finish building and upgrading your turrets, you are rewarded with a moment to breath as the foes get instant-raped by your awesome combo setup.

The main downside of the game are the graphics, which are close to nothing, to be honest. Some Windows icons attacking a square full of stickmen isn't exactly top-of-the-line visualization...

Fortunately, this is greatly compensated by the amazing gameplay. 98% of the time, it feels like you control the situation perfectly. The other 2% are quite a problem though, because the turrets won't always shoot the enemy you'd want them to.

About the sound... The absence of music isn't really a problem to me, as I like to listen to my own music while playing games, but an optional background track wouldn't have been too much, at all. Also, sound effects are sometimes appreciated.

Another positive element would be the boosting turrets, which again, require a strategy if you want to optimize your defenses.

To end this review, I'll just say you deserved a big 5/5!


You made the 100TH submission I added to my favorites! And you greatly deserved it, for this game was one of the most entertaining I played last months!

I just loved how absurd it was and how hard you tackled those Pokemon!

Graphics - 9 - This is your first submission, and you managed to make decent graphics and good effects. Impressive!

Style - 10 - I love the gore style, and the little things like "don't be gay" when you hover the Pokeball. Excellent!

Sound - 10 - Ah, Unreal Tournament taunts! Great idea, I used them myself in my Mario movies. You could have added some heavy music next to the little tune too, but it's cool like that!

Violence - 10 - Violence galore! Even the preloader raped a Pokemon on shooting Pikachu in the balls is tons of fun! I loved the remaining of him when you shot all of his.. eh... parts. Great!

Humor - 9 - I laughed my ass off all the time! At every single thing, like "ok now we wait and listen" or the little sea star.

So yes. This is without doubt a formidable first submission. If you have more like this, I would really like to see it.

Final judgement: 10/10 and 5/5! Congrats again dude!


why thank you.. Im flattered

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this shit is fucking awesome! you don't bring out as many songs as before but when you do it's like BOOOOOOM

also, beatcraft 4 life yo


don't feel bad about uploading it "late"

this way, you uploaded it one my birthday! hell yeah man that's some good shit there, reminds me of some band but i can't find the name right now.


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Fucking thanks a lot, man!! And happy fucking late birthday!

I remind you of....


Thanks again, dude.\m/

he's back

that's some fucking brutal shit there mate! i never manage to come up with such brutal riffs, hail to you man!

cheers and beers

GoreBastard responds:

Haha thanks man, I'll be making some new shit soon hopefully.

Cheers and alcohol for checking it out duder!

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