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Angry Faic : The Game Angry Faic : The Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved the music!

hahaha just kidding man, the game was awesome. angry face is pretty cool, also I killed you


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aNtHr4x responds:

Hey, thanks!
yeh, also love your: "Super Mario Harcore"!

Onslaught 2 Onslaught 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An awesome game!

This game is one of my favorite time-killers. Whenever I am bored the odds I'll play this game increase and when I finally think of it, I always feel good just because I know I am going to play it! But enough about me, on to the game itself...

The concept isn't new. Actually, this game starts from the very base of defense games, and then extends it to a complex system of combos and chains. That is something I really like about the game: you and the enemies start off weak, but throughout the game you will have to play smartly to stand a chance against the numberless waves of enemies!

The idea of combos is new to me, and makes the game even more interesting by forcing you to make decisions about which combo you'll build up next. And then, when you finish building and upgrading your turrets, you are rewarded with a moment to breath as the foes get instant-raped by your awesome combo setup.

The main downside of the game are the graphics, which are close to nothing, to be honest. Some Windows icons attacking a square full of stickmen isn't exactly top-of-the-line visualization...

Fortunately, this is greatly compensated by the amazing gameplay. 98% of the time, it feels like you control the situation perfectly. The other 2% are quite a problem though, because the turrets won't always shoot the enemy you'd want them to.

About the sound... The absence of music isn't really a problem to me, as I like to listen to my own music while playing games, but an optional background track wouldn't have been too much, at all. Also, sound effects are sometimes appreciated.

Another positive element would be the boosting turrets, which again, require a strategy if you want to optimize your defenses.

To end this review, I'll just say you deserved a big 5/5!

Pokedeath Adventures Pokedeath Adventures

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You made the 100TH submission I added to my favorites! And you greatly deserved it, for this game was one of the most entertaining I played last months!

I just loved how absurd it was and how hard you tackled those Pokemon!

Graphics - 9 - This is your first submission, and you managed to make decent graphics and good effects. Impressive!

Style - 10 - I love the gore style, and the little things like "don't be gay" when you hover the Pokeball. Excellent!

Sound - 10 - Ah, Unreal Tournament taunts! Great idea, I used them myself in my Mario movies. You could have added some heavy music next to the little tune too, but it's cool like that!

Violence - 10 - Violence galore! Even the preloader raped a Pokemon on shooting Pikachu in the balls is tons of fun! I loved the remaining of him when you shot all of his.. eh... parts. Great!

Humor - 9 - I laughed my ass off all the time! At every single thing, like "ok now we wait and listen" or the little sea star.

So yes. This is without doubt a formidable first submission. If you have more like this, I would really like to see it.

Final judgement: 10/10 and 5/5! Congrats again dude!


why thank you.. Im flattered


Rated 5 / 5 stars

You will always impress me.

Another pearl you made. The idea ain't completely new, but you added some personality to the game by allowing users the create their own creatures. A really good idea.
And again, you had to make it all in API. Which makes it, of course, twice as impressive. And this game in API has an ever better quality than many other "normal" games.

Graphics - 10 - Created in API, but better than what I'd be able to draw. Wow.
Style - 10 - Nice, I liked the little "extras" like the dust and the graphic effects when you catch a star.
Sound - 10 - I loved how you switched the music when the game starts. Really good idea.
Violence - 10 - Throwing up little critters is pretty violent, especially when they come down.
Interactivity - 10 - Actually this should be 12/10.
Humor - 10 - The concept is funny, as well as the little things you throw with.

To conclude this review, I would like to congratulate you again for the accomplishment this game is. A true masterpiece.


Denvish responds:


Fanks for teh revewe mistu

Pico's Unloaded: The Game Pico's Unloaded: The Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's like the game feels what you want.

Seriously, when you play the game, it's so sensitive and precise, impressive. The only problem (seriously, the only one), was that the game got a tiny bit repetitive after a while. I mean, after like 10 minutes. More weapons could've been an option ,even if in fact I've only reached the point where you can pick the shot-gun up, but I died :P.

Graphics - 10 - Perfect for a game, nice pseudo 3D with the bus and stuff
Style - 10 - As I said, the game does exactly what you want. The gameplay was perfect and fun.
Sound - 10 - Good job finding not-annoying gun sounds. And nice music.
Violence - 10 - If you like violence, play this game.
Interactivity - 10 - As I said.
Humor - 7 - Pimps? k.

Seriously, this almost deserved 1st. But a game is always harder to make than a movie.


Warbears Warbears

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I could play this for hours!

This must be the most interactive game on Newgrounds... You can almost make a movie with the many possible situations. Indeed, almost every situation has been made. Even the idea of jumping on the grenade with or without the panel down.

Graphics - 10 - Very detailed. And kinda cute too.
Style - 10 - I love the expressions of the guy with glasses. lol.
Sound - 9 - Perfect FX, but maybe you could've added some calm BG music...
Violence - 8 - There are deaths, but they aren't too violent. Good because anyone can play it therefor.
Interactivity - 10 - As I said it's almost like making a whole movie. Also it's good you added several possibilities to go wrong.
Humor - 8 - I liked the ways the bears died, really funny.

I played this game during 30 minutes before realizing I had to go. Addictive and all the other aspects are almost perfect!


Defend your Random Turret Defend your Random Turret

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool

This game was good! Darth Vader? Attacking your turret? Great. Randomness is a good point. And the tanks were nice too. Didn't play long enough for jeeps though.

Graphics - 9 - cool turret, but the vaders and tanks were a tiny bit too dark.
Style - 9 - Turret defense games are ok. And the reloading and stuff made it cooler.
Sound - 10 - Good effects, very good music.
Violence - 9 - Let's kick some ass, isn't it?
Interactivity - 9 - Nice cursor, no lag.
Humor - 6 - For the randomness.

Great game in total


RaidenX RaidenX

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is just like a real game! Wouldn't see the difference between this one and a real one (an old one though. Fortunately the old games are the best games). The gameplay was really good, and the upgrades came right on time. Sometimes however the game got too easy, for instance when you have the purple cannon and auto-aim rockets upgraded to the max... Then you really have to be stupid to get hit. Unless you reach one of the bosses, the one who swirls the green things. But that's not important. The game is really perfect. And the upgrades choice (red/blue/purple) is a great idea too.

Graphics - 10 - Old sprites! Yummy!
Style - 10 - Scrolling shooters are good.
Sound - 9 - Shooting sounds are not irritating, and good music.
Violence - 9 - Yea well there are explosions.
Interactivity - 10 - Gameplay was perfect, upgrades.
Humor - 1 - haha.

One of the best games of newgrounds, for sure.


ArmorPicross ArmorPicross

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool game!

I suppose it's an existing game that you brought to Flash... Well done! I enjoyed playing it, but the easy packs get boring after a while, so maybe you could give us at least one harder pack too, in the beginning...

Graphics - 9 - As good as they could be. I'd give a 10 if they were even better :)
Style - 10 - Nice and calm style, good to concentrate.
Sound - 9 - Good music for a game like that. Helps you thinking.
Violence - 0 - No need for violence
Interactivity - 10 - Well it do is a game... and a good one too!
Humor - 2 - Huh?

I'd say you made a little masterpiece here. I really liked it!


Insult Gen Mk2/Soundboard Insult Gen Mk2/Soundboard

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

British accent + insult > all

Haha seriously, this is the best insult generator I've seen in a while! Good idea to put some old guys to say them too. and what would it be without your beautiful British accent, isn't it? The alien wasn't that funny though...Good variation, too.

Graphics - 8 - They were good, and nice font.
Style - 9 - Insult generators are fun!
Sound - 10 - (British accent)Why of course, my good sir!
Violence - 5 - Well insulting is slightly violent...
Interactivity - 8 - Make your own insults! yay!
Humor - 10 - lmao

And nice extras between the insults too ;D


Denvish responds:

God this one is oooooooooold. Still funny though