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Posted by Casualty - October 26th, 2009



Posted by Casualty - October 14th, 2008

That's right people! I am working on a new flash. Finally. I'm not going to reveal too much yet, except it'll involve metal and moshpits!! Which is fucking awesome as fuck!

So far mostly the programming has been done; as you can see the graphics on the below screenshot aren't final yet...

Edit: Oh my fucking god... I was working on this file through my desktop (network) and tried to save it after an hour of work. It wouldn't save... I closed the file; and saw it wasn't there anymore. I had just lost 3 weeks of work.

Four hours later I managed to restore the file through an .swf. We are all very lucky.

Working on: Moshpit Mania!

Posted by Casualty - June 30th, 2008

So, last weekend was Graspop Metal Meeting here in Belgium! In case you don't know it: Link of hell to the most awesome fucking festival on earth. If you're too lazy, just scroll down, I posted an image of the last flyer. I don't know if it'll be readable though so GO TO THE FUCKING WEBSITE.

Anyway. I must admit I only went on Sunday, because of several reasons including the lack of good bands and trouble finding people who wanted to go with me. But Sunday had it all: accompaniment and some of the bands I had been wanting to see for a while. I won't shit around on what I did all the day, it's a festival and you know what happens there! (Oh wait, no, half of you weigh over 190 pounds and spend your nights in your basements on the internet. Oh well, fuck it.)

BANDS I SAW (in running order):

Rotting Christ:
I had heard little (though something) from them before, and to me they were just another generic death metal band. But in fact, when seen live, most bands transform and I must say I was positively surprised. Most of the time the music was very enjoyable and made me move all kinds of ways. Metal ways that is.

Hahaha, ha. These guys. I saw them because I had nothing else to do. We had been on the field for a few hours, and the only band we'd seen yet was Rotting Christ. The rest of the time was, again, the usual festival stuff (DRINKING IF YOU DON'T GET IT).
So, Apocalyptica... Meh. Interesting concept, but it gets boring quickly. Especially because of the lack of vocals. Oh wait, no, the lack of vocals wasn't a lack but luck. When the guy said something to the crowd between two songs, you'd have said he was a 13 year old South American speaking his first words of English. I have nothing against South Americans, I just think they suck at English =] ENOUGH about Apocalyptica now.

Bullet For My Valentine:
I'm sorry Bahamut, but these lads weren't as bad as we'd have expected! They only played heavier songs, thus making the show slightly less commercial. Plus, some of their riffs I actually liked, and Matt Tuck managed to unleash some pretty wild pits (even though I wasn't in those). The overall show was pretty okay, though boring after a while. Conclusion: better marks than expected.

Comeback Kid:
Ah, a hardcore/hardcore punk band at GMM =P Interesting, and I'd heard people saying they are good before. And they were exactly what I expected: Fun, even though repetitive and not TOO musical, lol. But yeah, they were entertaining.

The Seventh:
Belgian death metal band. Probably the best band of the day after Arch Enemy. Fucking brutal as fuck, circle pits spinning on full power and vocalists who is named Timothy just like me. Plus I know the bass played of the band. This was the fucking bomb, and too awesome for words.

Avenged Sevenfold:
I didn't REALLY watch these guys. I was just relaxing in the back of the field, hearing some of their songs and seeing them from far. I suppose they were okay. A7X isn't the best band IMO, but here I did recognize some songs and I think the people who WANTED to see them must've enjoyed it, and that's the most important, innit?

At The Gates:
Pretty cool band, I must say. In fact, I'd write exactly the same words as for Rotting Christ here, replacing 'death metal' by 'thrash/metalcore". NICE.

In Flames:
See Avenged Sevenfold, except this was just a little better.

Arch Enemy:
Undoubtedly the best band of the day. To me at least. Had a good spot thanks to not watching In Flames, and I was full of expectations in the beginning. They played some of their best songs IMO, including Nemesis and The Last Enemy, which are fucking awesome tracks. The show itself was cool too, even though there was no real story. What they did is: they rock the fuck out on 3 songs, which is awesome to watch (Angela [Gossow, vocals], puts up a whole show by playing air guitar, leading the crowd and being fucking hot. Best. Band. Inthedaylol.

Iron Maiden:
Well, you either know what Iron Maiden is live, or you don't. I'm not going to spend more than a sentence on it, because I'd have to write a book: Watching Iron Maiden live is like going to a theater play, only with the awesome music and people; there's a fantastic story, and added to the theater is also the mood. A video might be the best way to show you what it's like, even though this is nowhere close to how awesome the show really is.

/* */
Also, you must know that the crowd you see there is only a very small part of the attendance. There were over 100,000 people watching Maiden right there!

Going back next year. WHO'S WITH ME? (I'm serious, come there with me).

And finally, the bands:

Graspop Metal Meeting! It was awesome!

Posted by Casualty - January 19th, 2008

Vivaldi is a god.

Posted by Casualty - November 13th, 2007

Go check it out on the NG Log frontpage or in the Portal.

About that last one... 2.93/5.00?? Fuck you, Newgrounds, fuck you in your face! I don't see HOW it can get a score that low while this SHIT nearly has the same score!

About my other projects... I don't know, I've been working really slowly and sporadically lately so don't expect any update on that for now. Things I might work on are: Control a Mosher, more NG Log features, other flash I'm too lazy to remember.

Posted by Casualty - August 20th, 2007

After opening my mind to suggestions for what to put in the space right of the "Other stats" on the log in page, I have finally made up my mind!

Indeed, the suggestion I heard most was "a flash movie to make people log their stats". After thinking about this for a while, an idea came to my mind: A Bytesized-style flash on your user menu in NG Log!

Half the credits for this go to Newgrounds, of course, and I thank them for having such great stuff on their site :P

So here's the main idea:

If you are a Flash artist, and you want a minimum showcase on a website that is not Newgrounds (but still NG related, whatever), it's time for you to make a flash movie! This movie must be 250 pixels wide 150 tall and must run at 24 FPS.

And the main point is of course, it must be NG STAT RELATED! Also, try to make it funny, that would be awesome.

I don't know yet how many movies I'll be accepting (depends on how many I get) and there is no deadline yet, though if I see people are taking too much time, I might just set a deadline to get them to hurry ;)

Now get your lazy ass on your chair, think of something good, and of course animate it :D

Edit: When finished, send piece to timo176@gmail.com

If you have ANY question about this project, post them here, I will happily answer them!

Posted by Casualty - July 23rd, 2007

You heard it right! I have adapted NG Log to work with the redesign this morning, which took me quite some time. But the work is not done. I am certain there are still tons of little bugs sneaking around on the site, waiting for you to find them.

Whenever you find a bug, please post it here, as a comment.

There are no new features yet, but I might add something this week if I find time, though I'm pretty sure the bugs will keep me busy enough.

If you have any ideas for NG Log, post them here!

Also, if can tell me which page I threw away (the one that isn't in the menu anymore), you get a cookie!

Newgrounds Log is back up!

Posted by Casualty - July 18th, 2007

Here we go then... First News post.

Redesign comments

Well, looks like it's finally there! The long awaited redesign arrived. And in my opinion, it's AMAZING. Almost perfect, I'd even say.

Not only is the layout one of the most advanced ones on the internet, but the features and functionality have also been boosted as hell. The way you view flash movie, the uploading of pictures, news posts, and so much more.

I'm not going to advertise the redesign any longer, because the best way to enjoy it is to get out there and run around! Or maybe you might wanna finish reading this post first :)


Flash work

This kinda disappointing actually... I've been so busy with other things like NG Log lately, that my flash work got somewhat left behind. The only thing I managed to work on (and still, not) is a Final Fantasy II (or FF IV for Japan) engine that works quite well for the moment.

I'm thinking of releasing a mini-Final Fantasy with that, maybe a metal version or something. But I'll gladly listen to your suggestions! So if you have any ideas regarding what I could do with the FF II engine, tell me in a comment or PM!

I also started making some gay series, called GayFaggotNoob. But I'm pretty sure you don't wanna see it. If I ever find myself doing nothing due to spare time abundance, I might just work on it for fun... But this is not at all an important part of my planning :P

Also, check out my latest flash, Happy Birthday Bahamut! It's obviously a flash I made for Bahamut's birthday, and it's quite funny too. The problem is, it was made in 3 hours the day after his birthday...

Newgrounds Log

I case you don't know Ng Log: http://nglog.denvish.net

Here it is then... The moment on which I will have to rewrite a big part of the code. There's quite some work to. The whole calculation system for levels has changed. I think it's a quite simple one, and I've already figured out some of it's properties I'll need to set up some formulas. But I'm not looking forward to it :(

Also, the new profile pages. Heh. Looks like I'll be to rewrite the stat pulling page as well. And still, this could be the easiest part of it all. I'll just see all this when I start working on it, probably next week or even this weekend.

And here ends my first news post! I'm enjoying this feature, because it allows you to tell everything you want to anyone who wants hear it, so that's quite nice when you have to keep up with a lot of stuff like me... I won't post this on the Front Page though, because it's too personal. I might add posts to the FP when they regard NG Log, and when they become more informative.

ANYWAY, please do leave a comment :)